Wearing a Face Covering in Public Settings

  • Who and when should we wear it?
  • How to use it?
  • How to make a face cover in a simple way?

All the practical information in pictures and video HERE!

Coronavirus COVID-19

To know more about what to do and tools to help!

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Services offered during COVID-19: by phone first and instructions for in-person visits by appointment only

What services are offered and how to access them during the pandemic?

What steps should I take if I have an appointment in person at the Clinic?

Tips and resources that help us keep balance in a pandemic!

https://ccpsc.qc.ca/en/node/2102The current coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is a special and unusual reality. This can affect people physically, but also psychologically. Indeed, in such a context, many people will experience reactions of fear, stress, worry or depression.

Here are some useful resources to help us keep our balance!

Looking for a family doctor at the Clinic?

Register to find a family doctor

It is a computerized, centralized waiting list through which you can access a family doctor. All neighbourhood residents may register to be on the list. A single phone call is enough to register with the aim of having access to a doctor anywhere in the Southwest-Verdun area.

Call: 514 527-2318 or register online.



Il est préférable de téléphoner au 514 937-9251 avant de vous rendre à l'un de nos points de service.

500, avenue Ash et 1955, rue du Centre

Nos services

Tous nos services sont gratuits pour les résidant-e-s de Pointe-Saint-Charles

Consultez la liste complète

Hours of operation

Please always call 514 937-9251 before you come to one of our two locations

500 Ash Avenue and 1955 Centre Street

Our services

All our services are free of charge for Pointe-Saint-Charles residents

See our list of services



Uptated July 24, 2020

In context

The World Health Organization has officially declared pandemic status for COVID-19. In Quebec, the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently under control and...

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Given the importance of respecting health instructions as well as the need to redirect resources to deal with COVID-19, the Clinic decreases its opening hours for in-person visits and changes its practices.

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The Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic is offering to families the possibility of sending their children to summer camp at reduced cost.

For whom?

Children from 6-17 years old (child must be 6 years...

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