A look back at the November 22 neighbourhood assembly on the Dubé Reform (PL15)

Last night, Clinic community organizer Margot Silvestro, accompanied by Philippe Hurteau of the APTS and Josyane Giroux of the Regroupement Les sages-femmes du Québec (RSFQ), detailed the main issues raised by the Dubé Reform (PL15) in front of an audience of 50.

While Margot Silvestro outlined the potential effects of the bill on the Clinic, Philippe Hurteau demonstrated how the Dubé Reform will open the door a little wider to the private sector’s intrusion into our healthcare system. Josyane Giroux gave an historical overview of the feminist struggles that led to the very particular model of midwifery in Quebec. She explained how the autonomy of midwives risks being seriously undermined by the abolition of midwifery councils and the integration of these professionals into medical councils. A major Quebec-wide mobilization is underway to amend the bill in order to protect the very nature of midwifery practice, which is deeply rooted in a demedicalized vision of pregnancy and childbirth.

Minister Dubé hopes to have his reform adopted by December 8.

An initiative of the Clinic’s Planning and Community Development team, the meeting managed to pique the curiosity of a CBC journalist, whose report on our meeting was broadcast late last night on the 11 p.m. news.

The enthusiasm generated by this informative meeting certainly makes us want to organize more. Stay tuned!

CBC’s Paula Diane Perez reports on November 22 at 11pm.