Public community meeting on Bill 15: Should the Clinic Be Worried about the Dubé Reform?

Wednesday, November 22 – 5 to 7 PM – Pavillon des aînés (2401, Mullins Street)

Health Minister Christian Dubé is presently working on another reform of our healthcare network, the third in twenty years after the Couillard reform (2003) and the Barrette reform (2015). The bill’s title – An act to make the health and social services system more effective – clearly states the objective: to improve the «efficiency» of our healthcare system. But what are the government’s intentions? How will it affect healthcare professionals and users? The Clinic will attempt to untangle the various aspects of this bill at a public meeting to be held on November 22 at the Pavillon des aînés in Point St. Charles.


  • Philippe Hurteau, researcher for the Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux (APTS), will explain the foundations of the reform, as well as the government’s interests and intentions
  • Josyane Giroux, president of the Regroupement Les sages-femmes du Québec (RSFQ), will talk about the direct effects of the reform on the autonomy and practice of midwives
  • Margot Silvestro, community organizer at the Point St. Charles Community Clinic, will discuss the effects of the reform on the Clinic, its autonomy and organization

Childcare, snacks, whispered English translation, accessible space.

Link to Facebook event

Read “Should the Clinic Worry about the Dubé Reform?” in The Clinic in a Nutshell (Fall 2023)