Keeping a steady course through the storm! ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY

Wednesday, June 17 2015
at the YMCA, 255 Ash avenue

5:30pm - the Clinique offers dinner!
6pm - Beginning of the assembly

Whispered English translation.
Wheelchair accessibility.
Daycare available.
Transportation available on request.
For further information: 514-937-9251

Special General Assembly

Proposed modification of internal by-laws: Extension of the office’s term for the board members

Tuesday, May 19  2015
Basement of the Clinic, 500 Ash avenue

6:30 pm - Presentation: Getting involved on the board of the Clinic
7 pm - Opening of the assembly

Invitation "I'm going to get my diploma" 6th edition

Register from April 20th until May 31st, 2015. 

This activity is designed to encourage your perseverance. Our team wishes to acknowledge your courage to go to school while being a parent.

Participation requirements :

In order to participate, you must :

Heading for another reform of the healthcare network - Bill 10

In its 46 years of existence, the Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic has witnessed the birth of the Québec Health Insurance Plan, the CLSC network and the regional health boards, which were replaced by the health and social services agencies. The Clinic experienced the shift to ambulatory care, the hospital closings and the 15,000 nurses who were retired in the 1990s. It saw the forced mergers of institutions, including the CLSCs, with the current health and social service centres (CSSSs). Added to these structural changes were major reforms such as the mental health reform.

Photo activity: Spaces for Expression

Send us a photo of what represents for you a space for expression in the neighbourhood before November 21.Your photo will be exhibited during a special evening on December 3.

Citizen power: what difference do we make? The Clinic’s Annual General Assembly

Wednesday, June 18 at the YMCA, 255 Ash avenue

5:30pm: Supper and short film with testimonials from neighborhood residents that are committed to the clinic at different times

6:30pm: Annual General Assembly

Sexual health: new services offered

• STI’s screening (Sexually Transmitted Infections)
• Prevention of the uterus cervix cancer (PAP test) - by appointment only
• Access to contraception
Free consultation. Call 514-937-9251

Register now ! « I'm going to get my diploma! » 5th edition

The registration period is from April 1st until May 30, 2014. 

This activity is designed to encourage your perseverance. Our team wishes to acknowledge your courage to go to school while being a parent.

Terms of participation :

In order to participate, you must :

The Clinic resumes its walk-in medical service

As of Tuesday, November 12, 2013, the Clinic will resume its walk-in medical service for all Pointe-Saint-Charles residents. The service will be available two mornings a week at the service point located at 500 Ash Avenue.

2013-2014 ’flu vaccination campaign

The Clinic is beginning its 2013-2014 seasonal ’flu vaccination campaign. The aim of the campaign is to reduce deaths and serious complications resulting from the disease by offering, free of charge, the ’flu shot to the vulnerable population* of Pointe-Saint-Charles and their loved ones. On Wednesday, November 6, 2013, the vaccination sessions will officially begin.

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