Note that the Clinic’s doctors don’t do pregnancy follow up.

IMPORTANT: If you need to give documents to your doctor, please leave them to the workers at the desk.

Consultation without appointment with a doctor

To book a “walk-in” consultation window with a doctor, you must call the Clinic at 514-937-9251. Choose the ‘english’ option, then the option 1:

  • Monday from 11 a.m. for an afternoon consultation
  • Monday from 6.30 p.m. for a consultation on Tuesday morning
  • Wednesday from 6.30 p.m. for a consultation on Thursday morning

Leave a message on the voicemail and we will call you back to give you the time of your appointment in person.

OMICRON COVID-19 Background:

You have a family doctor at the Clinic?

OMICRON COVID-19 Background:

  • Given the current emergency, we favour priority appointments.
  • Telephone appointments are encouraged as long as they are appropriate and safe for your health (eg known health problem).
  • An in-person appointment is recommended for any new health problem, if you are not known to the doctors at our clinic, if your condition requires it, or if this is your preference.
  • To renew a prescription, please contact your pharmacist.
  • For annual exams or if your health problem is not urgent, please contact us within a month or two. Thank you for your understanding!
  • For an evaluation, please consult a walk-in nurse, a doctor at a medical walk-in or at another clinic’s walk-in.
  • Examination results: rest assured that they are received and managed by the medical team.
  • We do not issue doctor certificate COVID-19 related sick leave (made with rapid test). In this context of pandemic, the government and public health are clear to this effect; if necessary, you can print this document and give it to your employer.
  • For any emergency, please dial 8-1-1 or go to your hospital emergency room.

To make an appointment:

By phone: 514 937-9251 ext. 7302 between 12 and 8 p.m.

Online on the ”Québec Medical Appointment Scheduler” (RVSQ) site, for the users of:

  • Dre Annie McNicoll,
  • Dre Rosalie Mongeau-Petitpas
  • Dr Éric-Viet Laperrière-Nguyen
  • Dre Véronique Cloutier-Nguyen
  • Dre Xiao Lei Jiang
  • Dre Marie-Ève Leblanc
  • Dre Yasmine Ousalem

Note that other appointment slots than those indicated on the RVSQ website are available by calling the Clinic.

For users of other doctors:

Online appointment booking is coming up in a few weeks, stay tuned!

Note that the following doctors are currently absent from the Clinic:

  • Dr. Camille Gérin: on extended absence, back around fall 2022
  • Dr. Yasmine Ousalem: on maternity leave, returning around fall 2022.

Looking for a family doctor at the Clinic?

Register to find a family doctor!

It is a computerized, centralized waiting list through which you can access a family doctor. All neighbourhood residents may register to be on the list. A single phone call is enough to register with the aim of having access to a doctor anywhere in the Southwest-Verdun area.

Call: 514 527-2318 or register online here.

For more information, feel free to discuss the subject with the workers and reception staff at the Clinic.


Still waiting?

  • Be sure to update your request if you have new medical conditions, as this may change the priority level of your referral to a family doctor.
  • Make sure that your full contact details are correct.