Youth (6 – 24)

Healthcare services for young people of the Point.

Please note that parental consent is required if you are under 14.

Evening walk-in Youth Clinic: Wednesdays from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 500 avenue Ash (starting April 24, 2024).

What services are offered?

  • Youth clinic for 14-24 year olds: consultations with an appointment with a nurse or social worker: common health problems, sexual health, contraception, free distribution of condoms, STBBI screening , drugs and addictions, needle exchange, etc.
  • Medical monitoring;
  • Contraception;
  • Gynecological examination;
  • ITSS screening and pregnancy test;
  • Sexual health education;
  • Support for parents, children and families experiencing difficulties;
  • Support during problems related to anxiety, difficult relationships, dropping out of school, housing problem, etc.,
  • Support services for the family of children with disabilities;
  • Mental health services (suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, etc.);
  • Alliance against Negligence and Youth in Difficulty Program;
  •  Summer camp program for 6-17 year olds;
  • Vaccination for 6-24 year olds.

In addition, the team works in close collaboration with several youth groups in the neighborhood on preventive projects.

Several preventive services can be offered:

  • Syringe and sterile equipment exchange site;
  • Collaboration in monitoring pregnant adolescents;
  • Each year, give the opportunity to a hundred young people to go to a low-cost summer camp, in order to give their families a little respite while allowing young people to have a fantastic experience.

All this is free!

How can I access these services?

  • Phone 514-937-9251