Health help at school

For whom?

The School team provides health and social services to youngsters aged 4 to 17 who attend Pointe-Saint-Charles schools: Jeanne-Leber, Charles-Lemoyne, St-Gabriel and Vézina. It also serves these young people’s families.

Services the School team offers

The team consists of two nurses, two social workers and two dental hygienists, who are present in the schools. It provides different services to the children and families at large as well as to those experiencing particular difficulties.

Specifically, the social workers do individual and family follow-up when problems are affecting children’s academic results. For example, faced with increasingly frequent problems such as hyperactivity or attention disorder, parents are often distraught or overwhelmed by the situation and don’t know whether to have medication prescribed for their child. The team will spend time with the youngster and his/her parents, give them information, help them to understand the situation, direct them to appropriate resources and provide the support they need.

The team has also developed an array of educational and preventive programs adapted to respond to needs expressed by young people or their parents.

Treatment programs are also available. The dental hygienists do screening, prevention, individual care and group talks on dental health.

The nurses also do screening, vaccinate students, do eye tests and give group talks on hygiene, healthy habits, prevention, sexuality, etc.

How to access these services

Young people and/or their families must be referred by a school principal. The School team also offers the mandatory public health programs in Québec vaccination, for example to all school children.