Food aid for pregnant women (Olo follow-up care)

What it is?

A prenatal follow-up managed by the Fondation Olo. It gives access to a follow-up care with a nutritionist at the Clinic from the 12th week of pregnancy, to help adopt of healthy eating habits. You will receive various advices and tools such as recipes and books, in addition to receiving free essential foods (food coupons) for:

  • eggs     
  • milk     
  • frozen vegetables     
  • prenatal vitamin

Who is eligible for the Olo support?

Pregnant women with low incomes (insufficient income for the size of the family, social assistance, employment insurance, student loans, no income, etc.) and who wish to have nutritional follow-up.


The Olo follow-up aims to help pregnant women in need to eat well during pregnancy to ensure the birth of a healthy baby. Accompanying parents to promote healthy eating habits early in their child’s life is also another objective of the follow-up care.

Offered services

The nutritionist provides a fallow-up every month, or more often as needed. She can help you make better food choices and give personalized advice to properly meet your nutritional needs during pregnancy. If necessary, our team includes social workers, nurses and a family support worker who can also offer their services.


  • “My husband and I just immigrated to Québec, and I just learned that I’m pregnant. We don’t have jobs right now, and I’m afraid the little money we have will mean I won’t be able to eat enough for my baby. I’m going to apply for the Olo program.”
  • “What a surprise! I already have two beautiful children, but I wasn’t expecting to have a third so soon! I’m a bit worried since I already find it hard to feed my little family properly; the food budget is pretty tight. I’m going to apply for the Olo program.”
  • “It wasn’t easy to find out I was pregnant at 16, but I decided to face up to the situation. My parents will be able to help me a little, but I don’t have a lot of money and I’m going to have to find a place to live. I want to do what’s best for my baby, so I’m going to apply for the Olo program.”
  • “My first baby was premature. I was told it was because I didn’t gain enough weight. I just found out I’m pregnant again, and I’d like to eat better to have a healthy baby. I’m going to apply for the Olo program to receive coupons and have a nutritional follow-up.”

Information and appointments

Contact Lina Hu, nutritionist at the Clinic:  514 937-9251, extension 6212