Code of ethics

With this document, the Clinic is proud to express its wish to establish clear and, respectful relations with the population of Pointe-Saint-Charles while affirming everyone’s rights and responsibilities.

To accomplish these values and mission to support the population, each and every person must comply with these rules, which represent an ideal to be achieved.

This code of ethics is our common tool; it is designed to be used by all users of the Clinic, their loved ones, the coordinators, members of the board of directors, staff, health professionals, trainees, contract workers and volunteers. It reflects our priorities and provides conduct guidelines aligned with the values advocated by the Clinic.

It entails a commitment by the staff to provide care and services while striving for continuous improvement, guided by the values of solidarity, commitment and respect.

It also entails a commitment by the users to respect the staff, to cooperate and participate, to recognize the efforts made to accompany and support them in maintaining and improving their living and health conditions.

The code of ethics is also available at the Clinic, ask for it!