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In need of transportation?

The Transportation Policy for the users of the Point-Saint-Charles Community Clinic

The Clinic's Transportation service: Who can use it ?

  • You use the Clinic’s services and need transportation for medical care or for social services within the Island of Montreal; and
  • You are over 18 years of age; if not,you need your parents’ permission to use our transportation services; and
  • You are unableto use public transportation or public adapted transport because of a short or long-term incapacity and your family, friends or a volunteer service can’t help you.


  • You are taking part in a special event organized by the Clinic.

What meens of transportation can the clinic provide?

  • Bus tickets
  • The Clinic's mini-bus
  • Taxi tickets when the mini-bus is not available and depending upon an evaluation of your particular situation.

How do I get to use this service?
Your social worker (or the intake social worker) will see if you are eligible for this service. If you are eligible, the social worker will make the necessary arrangements and give you all the details.

  • If, after a re-evaluation by  your social worker, you no longer fit the criteria or your needs have changed, it may be that you are no longer eligible to use our transport services.
  • The place of departure for transport is decided with the social worker and cannot be changed without his/her agreement.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us at 514-937-9251