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Better Informed for Better Health!



What is this?

This is an information portal that lists reliable, accessible, and educational links on health and well-being.  "Better Informed for Better Health" is an initiative by two medical librarians and the Pointe Sainte Charles Community Clinic.

Why is this portal here?

Our goal is to help the citizens of Pointe-Saint-Charles make informed decisions and become active partners in their health care.

How are these websites selected?


  • Sites administered by independent, non-profit organizations.
  • Information based on scientific research evidence.
  • Information designed for the general public.
  • Information updated regularly.

The websites are always approved by a member of the Clinic's medical team before being posted on the portal.

How to critically evaluate what you find on the internet?

This health information portal has two goals. The first one is to direct you to reliable and helpful health websites on the Internet. The second goal, which is even more important, is to help you evaluate the health websites you find on the Internet.
Here are some questions to help you distinguish high quality health resources from low quality health resources on the Internet:

  • Who is responsible for this website?
  • Can you contact them?
  • Is there an “About us” page


  • Who reviews the information?
  • Is there an editorial board?
  • What is the editorial process?


  • Medical research vs. personal opinions or testimonials?
  • Are there references to articles in scientific journals?
  • Note: scientific research studies could be of high and low quality too


  • Look for dates, when was the site updated?


  • Who sponsors the site?
  • Who is being advertised?
  • Is there an advertising policy?
  • Commercial websites might be giving information supporting a certain view
  • Usually, reliable health information can be found on websites of non-profit, educational, or medical organizations and government agencies


  • Do you have to provide personal information to view content? If yes, be cautious
  • If you are asked to sign up for information updates, make sure there is a way to opt out

HON Code certified:

if you see this sign on the webpage you find, you can trust it.
The Health On the Net (HON) Foundation promoted reliable health information on the internet by rigorously assessing websites and providing the necessary certification.
For more information
HON also provides a search engine that works just like Google but will search for results only in certified reliable health information websites you can trust.
Example of a reliable and well done website

Caution! These websites are provided for educational purposes only!

The information found here is not intended to replace the advice of a health professional. For specific question, call 8-1-1 to speak to a nurse (available 24/7). For your specific health care needs, consult a doctor or another health professional.

I don't have access to the internet...

Three community organizations offer free internet access. Check opening hours before visiting.

  • Bibliothèque Saint-Charles (Conditions of use: You must have a library card, which can be obtained for free when you present a piece of identification (ID) and proof of address.)

              1050, rue Hibernia, 514 872-3092

              2356, rue du Centre, 514 596-4444           

  • Madame Prend Congé (Conditions of use: For women only. You must reserve your place. No technical support on site.)

             1945 Mullins, bureau 20, 514-933-2507

Have a site to suggest?

If you know of useful, educational websites on health and well-being, you can recommend them by writing to: