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Illegal or abusive fees

Invoicing multiple fees during medical consultations represents a severe sprain on the public health system. In this sense, the fundamental values of justice and equity, which underlie the accessibility of health care, regardless of the ability to pay, are hampered. Direct patient billing for medically necessary services is not a marginal practice. It affects both general practitioners and specialists. For this reason, we provide patients with a tool - the Accessory Fees Monitoring Registry -, which makes it possible to denounce billing acts and make their own case heard.

Know what to do during a medical consultation

Don’t hesitate to assert your point of view if you feel that some fees are unfair and if you think you are facing illegitimate medical billing. Here are some questions that you can help you to react in a medical clinic to challenge any kind of billing.
Before the consultation (at reception):
Is the physician remunerated by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec or non-participating ?
Before accepting fees :
Why do I pay this amount ?
This treatment, equipment or service is not covered by the Health Insurance Card?
Can I see the fee list displayed in the Clinic?
If you accept fees :
Can you give me a detailed invoice?
If you can’t pay fees or refuse :
Is it possible to access this treatment, equipment or service for free in the public health network?
Be attentive during the consultation, take notes and review your invoice in order to challenge any fees that you feel are illegal or illegitimate. Take the time to report them in the Registry

Have you been a victim of such abuses ? Get the facts and know your rights !

For more information, contact Stéphane Defoy at the Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic: 514-937-9250 ext. 7279