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Annual general assembly of the Clinic

June 21st 2011 - Jeanne-LeBer School (2120 Favard street)

6 p.m.: Supper and a great new movie all about our Clinic...‘The Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic: Health and Solidarity of a neighbourhood!’ directed by Fernando Garcia Blanes and Nicolas Van Caloen
7 p.m.: Annual General Assembly (see proposed annual priorities for 2011-2012)

The Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic will hold its annual general assembly on Tuesday, June 21, 2011, at Jeanne Leber School (2120 Favard Street). Our theme this year being "More than a CLSC: A project for citizen health!",we will highlight the special, original nature of our community clinic by premiering a movie called "The Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic: Health and Solidarity of a neighbourhood !",by  Fernando Garcia Blanes and Nicolas Van Caloen.
The medium-length film (some 35 minutes long) takes us into the world of the Clinic, as seen by its founders, members, citizen administrators and employees. It traces the Clinic's and neighbourhood's history, leading up to current activities and struggles. 
A supper will be served at 6:00 p.m., followed by the film. The filmmakers will be present to discuss their work with you after the showing. The annual general assembly will start at 7:00 p.m. Among other items, the Clinic's annual priorities for 2011-2012 will be adopted and new citizen board members will be elected (currently there are five vacant positions on the Board of Directors). 
For over 40 years, the Pointe St. Charles Community Clinic has made it a point to base its development on citizen participation that is open and firmly rooted in the neighbourhood. To help the Clinic get closer to people's needs and guide it towards the community's priorities, come take the floor to share your points of view with us!
Transportation available on request
Active daycare and whisper translation to English on site
Wheelchair accessible
For more information: 514-937-9251


Annual report 2010-2011 available here


  1. Opening and word of welcome
  1. Naming of an assembly chair and secretary
  1. Reading and adoption of the agenda
  1. Adoption of the annual general assembly minutes of June 22, 2010
  1. Questions and comments
  1. Report by the Board of Directors and its committees
  1. Presentation of the financial reports and appointment of an auditor


  1. Adoption of priorities for 2011-2012
  1. Elections to the Clinic’s Board of Directors
  1. Adjournment