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Community Planning and Development Team

What does this team work on ?

The Community Planning and Development Team works to mobilize the citizens in the neighbourhood so as to improve their living conditions as well as their overall health status. This work is carried out in close collaboration with community groups in the area.

This team at the Clinic analyzes what is occurring in the neigbourhood  and the impact it has on people’s lives. Community groups, as well as the other teams at the Clinic, are then able to use this information when planning their various actions.

The members of the Community Planning and Development Team also act in an advisory role to the General Coordinator of the Clinic as well as the Board of Directors concerning questions of strategy and taking public positions.

This team works from a perspective of social justice. In defending the social and economic rights of people in the neighbourhood, it is also committed to fostering social change.

To tackle the problem of health it is critical to deal with the social determinants of health such as poverty, housing, a healthy urban environment, social exclusion, public and active transport, environmental questions, food security, etc. These are the issues that this team focuses upon.

The team also does an annual review of the needs in the area, and then works on the issues that are considered priorities by the citizens.

Want to get involved?

Give us a hand at the Clinic !  Everyone is welcome !

To find out more, please call us at 514-937-9251 and ask to speak with a community organizer.

Specific activities in 2010-2011

The team has been complete since January—finally! This means that we started the year short-staffed but the members present were very active. Apart from our regular files (local development, urban planning project [OPA], food security, etc.), the community organizers were energized by some issues in particular. This was the case with the Fight for Health Committee (public meeting, broader participation, the fight against the fee-for-service system) and the Social Rights Defence Committee (popular education workshops on budget choices). We actively supported the steps to integrate the Youth Coordinating Committee into Action Watchdog as a committee, and we helped organize the Pointe-Saint-Charles Youth Forum. Moreover, the Committee for a Green Clinic was revived and we provided support for the Naître à la Pointe group. Most of these questions will require continued attention in 2011-2012.  

This year we want to emphasize the communication officer’s involvement in the local committee for the World March of Women and March 8, in the research for and production of the new film to promote the Clinic, in the campaign to recruit new doctors, in organizing internal documentation, and in producing a general pamphlet about the Clinic (to be published in September 2011).