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Our Health Care: a right under attack! Public meeting

Fighting for better health care: What we can do in the Point

MONDAY, November 22  at 7 p.m.
Lorne Centre, 2390 Ryde Street

Come talk with your neighbours about how we can improve everyone's health!

The Point St-Charles Community Clinic has been working for over 40 years to improve our public health system and to make sure it stays accessible to everyone no matter what their income. The Clinic has taken a strong position against more private health care and the introduction of user fees as proposed by the government. The Clinic created the Fight for Health committee to coordinate all the Clinic's actions in this area.

This committee works with province-wide groups, takes part in demonstrations, publishes article in local newspapers and produces pamphlets, banners, badges and other documents.
And the committee, along with the citizens of the Point, are going to continue to make our voices heard on the public stage. But the committee also wants to talk to the citizens of the Point about health questions and what actions we can take locally to improve certain existing services.

Come tell us what health questions the community should be looking at.
Here are three questions the committee thinks are important :

Health care and seniors

  •  Are there better ways to care for our older citizens with chronic problems in the community and at home rather than relying on costly hospital care ?
  •  Is a growing elderly population going to bankrupt the health care system ? What's the real story ?

Drug insurance costs

  • Does everyone have access to the medication they need at a reasonable price ?
  • Why are there two (private and public) systems for drug insurance?  

Dental care for just some people ?

  • Does everyone in the Point have access to a dentist at an affordable price ?
  • Can we improve the situation ?


The members of the committee chose these three subjects after asking themselves a number of questions, on a number of issues.  Here are those questions :

  • Would it be possible to mobilize citizens around this issue ?
  •  Is the local population directly affected ?
  • Does the question affect a larger group also?
  • Can we join together with other groups ?
  • Are there good chances that we can win real and concrete improvements?
  • Can  this project be self-financing ?
  • Is it an issue that can get a lot of public support ?
  • Are there other groups, locally or nationally, that are already working on this issue ?

The committee wants your suggestions as to what questions are important and how we can come up with ways of dealing with them... and, most importantly, acting upon them !


An invitation from the Fight for Health Care committee of the Point. St-Charles Community Clinic

  • Whisper translation to English;
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Transportation and daycare available: call 514-937-9251
  • For more information, call John Bradley: 514-937-9251 local 7279