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The TASTY POINT: Menu of the forum on access to food in Point-Saint-Charles

Saturday, October 2nd 2010

On the menu
From 10 am until noon:

  • Club populaire des consommateurs’ FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET outside 1930 Grand-Trunk
  • FREE TOUR of the COMMUNITY’S 5 GARDENS presenting different urban agriculture techniques
  1. La Pointe Verte , community garden (on Knox street, near Charlevoix)
  2. La Dent Verte , collective garden (behind Jeanne-Le Ber School , 2120 Favard)
  3. Oasis, collective rooftop gardening at Saint-Columba House (2365 Grand Trunk)
  4. Le Concombre masqué, collective gardening on raised beds (near Saint-Gabriel Church, on Island street)
  5. Gardening at the YMCA, a developping project in collective gardening using bins (255 Ash)

The main course at Saint-Columba House, 2365 Grand-Trunk

  • From noon to 1pm: FULL COURSE MEAL : Pasta primavera with all the trimmings
  • From 1pm to 3.30 pm: PRESENTATIONS AND DISCUSSION : Access to food for residents of the community (grocery stores, food items, cost, access by public transit, the situation North and South of the railway tracks, the alternatives…)


  • From 3.30 pm until 4pm: Fruit PUNCH and other surprises !

Prizes for all participants
Simultaneous English translation

Little tykes’ menu (0-5 years old)

  • From noon to 1pm: Lunch
  • From 1 to 4 pm: Arts and crafts, gardening, games in the park and library

Kids ‘s menu (6-11 years old)
From noon until 1.30 pm: Pic-nic and carriage ride along the Lachine canal
From 1.30 to 4 pm: Workshop :« Tips and tricks for a special meal »

RSVP for the children’s menu
For information and reservations : 514-509-0795 (Blandine)

Organised by the Food Security Committee of Action-Watchdog : Club populaire des consommateurs, RESO, St-Columba House, Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic.


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