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Community Clinic stands firm: No to taxing illness!

The Point St. Charles Community Clinic took a public stand against the Bachand budget and its negative impact on the population’s health. On Thursday, May 27, the employees unfurled a giant banner reading, “Tax people who are sick? No way!”

The banner will be displayed on the facade of the service point at 500 Ash Street.

The Clinic denounces the Québec government for making a dangerous shift where the funding of our public services is concerned. By increasing fees instead of opting for a progressive taxation system whereby everyone pays in proportion to their income, the government is taking a wrong turn.

Clinic coordinator Luc Leblanc pointed out that levying a medical user fee or “health contribution,” “will have a dissuasive effect that may result in a person’s putting off seeing a doctor until his or her illness is more advanced, at which time treatment becomes more complex and more expensive.” He went on to say, “It’s clear that this tax set at the same amount for all¾whether you earn $20,000 or $200,000¾will only increase social inequality and have a negative impact on the health of households with low and modest incomes.”

For 40 years, the Community Clinic has mobilized to defend the right to health and the development of public health services accessible to all, regardless of income or social status. Once again, and as it has always done, it stands up to tell the government that it doesn’t accept this backward turn, this chipping away at our gains and values associated with solidarity, for which so many of our elders and citizens fought hard.

In closing, Mr. Leblanc urged all Pointe-Saint-Charles citizens to attend the Clinic’s Annual General Assembly on Tuesday, June 22, at Jeanne-Leber School, 2120 Favard Street. A supper will be served at 6:00 p.m. Also on the menu, the Clinic’s proposals to oppose a budget and vision running counter to the members’ interests.