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Sign the petition against the proposed "health tax"

Please take a minute to sign the attached petition against the proposed "health tax" of the Quebec government and spread the word.

Deadline to sign is June 8th.

  • GIVEN THAT the capacity to pay of the average Quebec taxpayer has reached the limit;
  • GIVEN THAT this tax is the same for every adult and is unjust and discriminatory, even taking into account the solidarity tax credit;
  • GIVEN THAT the Liberal government refuses to change its position and plans to put this regressive tax in place;
  • GIVEN THAT justice and fair play are values deeply-held by Quebeckers;
  • GIVEN THAT the government has the power to withdraw this measure that does not represent Quebec values and is solidly opposed by nearly all;

These are the reasons why the undersigned, citizens of Québec, demand that the National Assembly force the Quebec government to withdraw this measure that would make every Quebec adult give $200 a year to finance the health system regardless of their level of income.

Thank you!