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SPECIAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Community Clinic














On the agenda: the modification of the by-laws

Follow-up to the discussion held on March 18th 2010

Thursday, April 22nd
at the Clinic, 1955 Centre

6:30 pm: Inauguration of our renovated premises with a visit and a bite to eat
7pm: Opening of the assembly

Whisper translation available.
Wheelchair accessible.
Daycare available next door at Familles en Action
Call 514-937-9251 for transportation or daycare.

The Point-Saint-Charles Community Clinic is a non-profit health organization controlled by the citizens of the Point through a general assembly and an all-citizen Board of Directors.

The Clinic’s goal is to offer services that promote good preventative and curative health services. The Clinic also works to bring citizens together to deal with their concerns about health and, in this way, to improve the health of everyone now and in the future.

This way of doing things reflects the values and the vision promoted by the people living in the neighbourhood.

By-laws … Why do we need them ?

Here a few important reasons :

  • To decide who can be a member of the Clinic, how you can become a member and what are the rights of a member.
  • To make clear what are the powers of the Board of directors and of the general assembly (all of the members together in a meeting)
  • To decide who can be a member of the Board of directors and what are the responsibilities of the Board.

The by-laws do not deal with the Clinic’s overall approach to health care nor its day to day activities, services and involvement in struggles towards a healthy community.

The by-laws allow the Clinic to decide how the members are going to talk about these questions, make decisions as a group and make sure that the Clinic follows through on these decisions.

On March 18th of this year, we began a good discussion about modifying the by-laws.

We plan to finish this work on April 22nd, making sure that the by-laws reflect our values and our unique way of doing things. 

By-laws…they’re important

So join your fellow citizens on Thursday night, April 22nd and let’s do it right…together !

NB: The meeting will be held at the Clinic’s newly-renovated offices at 1955 Centre… so come by .. we’re celebrating our grand re-opening too !