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Anniversary show celebrating the 50th of the Clinic: A Great Success!

On May 3rd, 2019, the Clinic celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Saint-Charles Arena in Pointe-Saint-Charles. What a memorable evening! Nearly 500 of you accepted our invitation: partners, community groups, members of the community, users, employees, and municipal officials. (Re)visit the best moments in images and video.

Photo Album

See the album of the best photos of the Clinic’s birthday party. Thanks to our talented photographers: Patrick Forté, Célian Génier, Geneviève Lambert-Pilotte and Khalil Souilhi.


Testimoniest (videos to come)

Dr. Daniel Frank, one of the Clinic’s founding doctors

Josée Ann Maurais, president of the board and Luc Leblanc, general coordinator of the Clinic 

Françoise David, presiding over the 50h anniversary of the Clinic

Dr. Richard Massé, presiding over the 50h anniversary of the Clinic and former director of Santé publique de Montréal

M. Benoit Dorais, Southwest Borough Mayor and President of Montreal’s Executive Committee

Yvon deschamps and Judi Richards, guest of honnor

Dr. Charles Larson, one of the Clinic’s founding doctors and Barbara Stewart, first nurse at the Clinic

Nicolas Delisle-l'Heureux, coordinator at the Carrefour d'éducation populaire and Claude-Catherine Lemoine, coordinator of Services juridiques communautaires de Pointe-Saint-Charles et de Petite-Bourgogne

Choir of the Clinic

Boucar Diouf, comedian and story teller

Lulu Hugues and her band