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Illegal or abusive fees : an important failing of our public health system

If it’s medically necessary... it should be covered by our Medicare card!

The Fight for Health Committee of the Community Clinic is against the increasing use of illegal or abusive fees charged by certain doctors. The Clinic has turned the spotlight on this worrying situation by having people from the neighborhood come forward ready to talk about their experiences.


Drops in your eyes at a cost of $ 40... How many thousands of people don’t say a word?

A few years ago, Gabriel  went for an appointment at an opthamologist’s who charged him $40  to put drops in his eyes during an examination. Gabriel found this expensive. So he went and asked his local pharmacist what the real cost of the drops were for the opthamologist. The answer was... about a dollar.

So, Gabriel was charged about 40 times the real cost. Gabriel then wrote a letter of complaint to the Quebec Health Insurance Board who told him to write to the Collège des médecins. He did so, and several months later, Gabriel received a check for $20 from the doctor, with no further explanation.


Have you been a victim of such abuses ? Get the facts and know your rights !

  • When and how to complain
  • For more information, contact John Bradley at the Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic: 514-937-9250 ext. 7279